Veterans Day Boot Camp!

Happy rainy Veterans Day. We’re stuck in the kitchen again. Booooo…I mean “YAY!!!”  Lets get our sweat on in the kitchen. Remember, you dont need a fancy gym or tons of equipment. Just get started and work hard in whatever space you have!!

Here’s the deal:

-Perform each move for 1 minute.

-Repeat the circuit at least 3-4 times.

This can be a quick and easy workout if you perform 3 circuits at a moderate pace OR you can kick your butt by doing as many circuits with no rest in 25 minutes.  How many circuits can you do in 25 min?? Let us know in the comment section!

Walking Lunge


Skaters (yelling at child optional)

Body Weight Squats

1 Leg Toe Touch

The Thomas – He’s the (Kettle) Bell of the Ball!

Its time folks! The weather is getting chili (the delicious kind). So we’re back with a workout a week…at least thats the plan!!!

Today we’ll be rockin’ some kettle bells in honor of our good buddy Thomas. He’s a swingin bachelor looking to work his whole body. I made this one up just for him.

You only need a bit of space and a couple kettle bells.

Here’s the jam: (after you’ve adequately warmed up of course!)

Run: 1/2 mile at a fast pace. For me a 7 min mile is FAST. Me wifey, Patience can rock a half mile in like 2 minutes. She’s crazy. Thomas takes his sweet time (26 minute mile, folks)

The kettle bell portion here is just TWO moves descending from 10.

-Clean and Press (each arm)

Note: I used a 25 pounder…you should use a weight that allows you to finish winded but not exhausted on each set. Work hard but don’t strain to get the weight above your head.

-KB Swings 

Note: I used a 35 pounder. Again a heavy weight that makes you work hard is great. A super heavy weight that throws out your back is BAD.

Round 1 you’ll do 10 C & P on each arm and then 10 KB swings

Round 2 you’ll do 9 C & P on each arm and then 9 KB swings

Round 3 you’ll do 8 C & P on each arm and then 8 KB swings and so on… till you do 1 rep of each in your 10th round

Once you’ve finished, all your kettle bell-ing…

Run: another 1/2 mile at a fast pace.

Plank: 2 min


Memorial Day “I’m going to a BBQ” Workout

Happy Memorial Day wknd!!  Hello summer!  Today for starters Patience ran 14 Miles.  She’s way cooler than me.

Before we head out for a phat BBQ here’s my workout for the day…

Set 1

100 squats

100 push ups

100 sit ups

(I broke those all up into sets of 25)

1/3 mile run as fast as u can!
Set 2

50 burpees

1/3 mile run as fast as u can!

Set 3

4 x 1min planks with 30 sec rest in betw.

1/3 mile run
Have fun!!

While we were away!

Apologies for the short hiatus! This winter has been brutal, and our weekends have been crazy! While we may not have been documenting our workouts, they were definitely happening.

Josh has started his “Insanity” program again…(not this kind)


and I have signed up for a 1/2 Marathon. This will be my 2nd and I am hoping to come in at 2 hrs if not before. I started an 8 week training program 4 weeks ago in prep for the Plymouth 1/2 on April 19th. I’ve attached it below if you are curious to see what I’ve been up to.


8 week Half Marathon training copy

I’ve been running exclusively on the treadmill because the sidewalks are still full of snow. I am hoping that in the next couple of weeks I can hit the pavement again. Running on the “dreadmill,” as I lovingly refer to it, is killing me! Plan to get a workout post up this weekend!

Anti-Olaf Flat-Belly Snow Storm Circuit!

This is a tough one, snow lovers.  We’re stuck at home once again in a monster snow storm so we put together a 7 x 11 countdown.  As usual, there’s no equipment required and you can do it in your messy (or clean) kitchen like us if you need to!


Here’s how it works.

  • During each Circuit, you will perform the same 7 exercises.
  • You will do 11 Circuits total.
  • For the 1st Circuit, perform 11 reps of each exercise.  2nd Circuit do 10 reps of each, 3rd do 9 each and so on 8, 7, 6, 5 all the way down so your 11th circuit should be 1 rep of each exercise.
  • To make it easier, skip the 1st set of 11 and go down from 10.
  •  In the end, you will have done 66 reps of each exercise!!

Ps.  Its hard.  BUT…you can go as fast as you want (which is harder!) and once you get thru the 1st 4+ circuits you are sorta home free.

We did it in 40 min.  As usual that included a few pass the baby around and “dad, I”m done, come wipe me!”  breaks.

Here’s the circuit.  Scroll for all our vids.  Someday when we aren’t rushing and our kids aren’t crying in the background, we’ll take videos that don’t have our heads cut off and whatnot.

  • 1 Leg Plyo Push Up (alternate legs so you do 11 TOTAL in the 1st set, 10 TOTAL in the 2nd set ect…)
  • Side Lunge w/Kick (full count on each side…11 left, 11 right in the 1st set, 10 left, 10 right in 2nd set ect))
  •  Single Leg Dead Lift (full count on each side)
  •  Cross Body Knee to Elbow Plank (full count on each side)
  •  Jump Knee Tucks (We love u Tony!)
  •  Walk Out Plank/Sphinx
  •  Butt Raise

1 Leg Plyo Push Up (alternate legs)

Side Lunge w/Kick (full count on each side)

Single Leg Dead Lift (full set on each side)

Cross Body Knee to Elbow Plank (full count on each side)

Jump Knee Tucks

Walk out Plank/Spynx

Butt Raise